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Wrongful Terminations

Most employees will endure a termination at some point in their work life.  Should you find yourself terminated by your employer you will need to contact an employment attorney immediately in order to assess whether you have any potential claims against your employer and preserve them if you do.  Some of the questions that you will need to ask yourself, with the assistance of an employment attorney in order to assess whether you have an employment claim arising from your termination, are as follows:

  • Is my termination a breach of an employment contract? (it is rare for employees to have an employment contract, unless they are union employees; most employees are what is called “at will” and can be fired for no reason, a false reason or a silly reason)

  •  Is my termination because of discrimination, i.e., was it because the person who decided to terminate my employment did not like me because of a characteristic that is protected by Title VII and parallel Connecticut anti-discrimination statutes? (the characteristics that are protected by anti-discrimination statutes in Connecticut are as follows: race, color, religion, age, sex, gender identity or expression, marital status, national origin, ancestry, mental disability, intellectual disability, learning disability, physical disability, genetic information, pregnancy, veteran status and status as a victim of domestic abuse)

  •  Is my termination because I complained about discrimination?

  •  Is my termination because I disclosed to management a condition at work that posed a danger to co-workers and/or myself?

  •   Is my termination because I expressed an opinion about an issue of public concern that my employer and/or supervisor did not like?

  •   Is my termination because I made a claim for workers’ compensation?

  •  Is my termination because I complained about my employer’s failure to pay me minimum wage and/or overtime compensation?

  •   Is my termination because I asked for and/or took a leave covered by either the federal or Connecticut Family Medical Leave Act?

 If you answer any of the foregoing questions in the affirmative, then you will need to preserve your employment claim before the statute of limitations runs, which can be as quickly as 300 days from the date of your termination.

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