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Employment Law Attorney in New Haven, Connecticut

In the twenty-first century, the workplace can feel like a war zone.  Employers are feeling the pressure to focus solely on the bottom line.  Employees are feeling the pressure to focus solely on what is good for them.  In this hotly contested space, conflicts inevitably emerge: whether you are an employee questioning whether your employer is treating you fairly with respect to pay, benefits, promotion, and training opportunities or an employer struggling to understand the maze of federal and state rights owed to employees, EDGAR LAW LLC can provide sophisticated and practical counsel to prevent and resolve workplace conflict.

Do You Need an Employment Law Attorney?


EDGAR LAW LLC can provide counsel regarding:

  • discrimination claims

  • hostile work environment claims

  • disability claims

  • Federal and Connecticut Family Medical Leave Act claims

  •  wage and hour claims (proper overtime and minimum wage compensation)

  • misclassification claims (i.e., misclassification of an employee as an independent contractor or exempt from overtime)

  • whistleblower claims

  • non-compete and non-solicitation agreements

  • severance agreements

  • disloyal employees or ex-employees

  • unemployment claims

  • defamation claims

  • negligent supervision claims

  • negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress claims