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Commercial Litigation Attorney in Connecticut and New York

Attorney Chad Edgar Commercial Litigation

In the twenty-first century, competition amongst businesses has become fierce. Businesses try to poach each other’s talent. They break promises if it is in their best interest to do so. They may even resort to poaching another business’ confidential information and trade secrets to gain an edge. Businesses are routinely using litigation as a business strategy to prevent a competitor's entry into or growth in a market (by way of example, trying to enforce an overly broad non-compete or non-solicit agreements against ex-employees who join other firms or seek to start their own company).

In an environment where businesses use sharp tactics relentlessly to pursue their own interests, Edgar Law LLC can provide the kind of sophisticated and practical counsel needed to understand the full implications of the various options for resolving conflict, including the resort to litigation.

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Edgar Law LLC can provide counsel regarding:

– breach of contract claims
– unfair competition and trade practice claims (CUTPA claims)
– misappropriation of trade secrets and/or confidential information, including CUTSA claims
– enforceability of non-compete and non-solicit agreements
– tortious interference with business and contract relations
– defamation and libel claims

Commercial Litigation Attorney in Connecticut and New York

Reach out to us at Edgar Law LLC for knowledgeable advice when your business may need to resort to litigation to protect an interest or is threatened with litigation by another business.