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Severance Negotiations

Even if you experience a termination that is not wrongful, you may need the assistance of an employment attorney to negotiate the terms of your departure.  In most instances, employers will provide a severance payment to terminated employees in return for certain  releases and obligations captured by a severance agreement.  In most severance agreements, employers will insist that the employee release any and all claims that he or she may have against the employer.  That means that the terminated employee may not bring a claim of any kind against the employer once he or she has signed the agreement, even if the ex-employee obtains information that his or her termination was because of an illegal and/or discriminatory reason.  Since there is no turning back from a release in a severance agreement (in most instances), it is imperative that an employee presented  with such a release review his or her employment history at the soon-to-be ex-employer with an employment attorney at Edgar Law LLC who knows how to recognize circumstances that give rise to an inference of discrimination or other unlawful treatment. 

Should the employee, with the assistance of an employment attorney at Edgar Law LLC, come to the conclusion that either his or her termination was not because of discrimination or the value of such a claim is being adequately compensated by the severance agreement, there are other terms that will need to be negotiated that include but are not limited to the following: 1) whether the terminated employee may work for a competitor of the ex-employer; 2) whether the terminated employee may solicit business and services from clients associated with the ex-employer when working on his or her own or for another employer; 3) whether the terminated employee may ask for references from the ex-employer when looking for subsequent jobs; 4) whether the terminated employee’s application for unemployment compensation will be opposed; and 5) whether the ex-employer will agree that certain of its employees may not disparage the ex-employee.

At Edgar Law LLC, we routinely advise employees who are offered severance agreements.  While employers will present them as if they are non-negotiable, that rarely proves to be the case.  Employees have leverage in negotiating the terms of severance agreements because employers are eager to obtain a release of any and all claims against them.  If you are deciding whether to accept a severance agreement, reach out to Edgar Law LLC and let us advise you as to whether you are being offered a fair deal.  What you do not want to do is to sign an agreement that prevents you from pursuing your career by prohibiting you from working for a competitor in a field where there are very few employers without being adequately compensated.

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Severance Negotiations Attorney in Connecticut and New York

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