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Unemployment Compensation Claims Attorney in Connecticut and New York

If you are terminated, then you are likely to receive unemployment compensation until you find another job.  There are situations where an employer may oppose an ex-employee’s eligibility for unemployment compensation because of misconduct.  Alternatively, employers may oppose an ex-employee’s application for unemployment compensation because their premium rates increase with every successful application.  When an employer contests an application, the result is a hearing before a Department of Labor referee who presides over a mini-trial where the claimant for unemployment and representatives of the employer provide testimony and documents to prove or disprove the claim for unemployment compensation.  It can be difficult for a non-lawyer to know exactly what documents and evidence to introduce at the hearing and therefore an attorney to assist in hearing preparations can be invaluable.  Further, if you believe that you were terminated for discriminatory reasons, it is especially important that you retain an attorney to accompany you to the hearing because what you say under oath may have real consequences for your discrimination case should it be pursued after the hearing.

Do You Need an Unemployment Compensation Claims Attorney


If your employer has opposed your application for unemployment compensation, you should contact Edgar Law LLC immediately in order to assist you at the hearing that will occur promptly in most instances and will be difficult to adjourn.